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About us

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A-1 Carpet Cleaners is the best and most experienced among the carpet cleaning companies in Washington. We have been providing quality carpet cleaning service as well as upholstery cleaning service since 1979. Our services are customized to your specific needs.

We are dedicated to delivering a better and cleaner indoor environment to you. We use only the most effective but safe and environmentally friendly products as well as techniques to provide you with a five star service. A-1 Carpet Cleaners will leave your carpets as well as upholstery looking bright and smelling fresh. Not only will we can we clean the fabrics perfectly, but we will also treat them with a special product that will prevent them from getting dirty for a long time. Thanks to our extensive experience and unsurpassed skill, we are able to meet all types of carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. Our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority.

Our company has the solutions to all of your carpet and upholstery problems. Our service is speedy but efficient. Our excellently trained technicians are the best specialists in our field of work in the entire community. They are well known for the superiority and lasting results of their work. We provide emergency services, and we are available 24/7. You are welcome to call us anytime you need our assistance. We will make the carpet cleaning process look easy and we promise that the job will be completed on time. We aim to make you feel proud with your property after our carpet and upholstery cleaning service.

Efficient and reliable carpet cleaning serviceĀ in WA